About Stephen Pierce

Leading Internet Marketing Strategist

Stephen Pierce is a world renowned motivational speaker and internet marketer. Providing business-building advice to CEO’s, start-ups, Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses of every kind, Stephen is dedicated to teaching others how to replicate his success.

After being kicked out of high school at age 16, Stephen got involved with gangs and dealing drugs. Some years after, Stephen became committed to turning his life around and fulfilling his business dreams. Unfortunately, every business he started failed, causing him to go bankrupt in the late 1990s. With no money and nowhere to live, an acquaintance let Stephen sleep in his office at night. While in the office, Stephen used a computer and started to learn about the internet. He discovered he had a knack for choosing futures and commodities. After a year of giving away his trading tips for free, he discovered that he could charge for his service.

Today, Stephen has helped thousands of people around the world understand how to set up their own successful online business as a result of his coaching and powerful insights. “I’m dedicated to giving more life to more people,” says Pierce. “The more life you give to others, the more life you get yourself.”